About PiQ

Thanks for visiting PiQ! We have ambitious plans to reinvent Business Process Management in an online platform, beginning with production management and order fulfillment.

PiQ’s founders are experts in manufacturing operations, quality management, and e-Commerce applications with a diverse background in companies ranging from small to Fortune 500.

The Operating Philosophy

Typically, a production management system creates two classes in a company:  Planners and Doers. The Planners figure out what should be done and when, and the Doers try diligently to follow the plan while reacting to the complexity of day-to-day operations. Machines go down, material shortages occur, customers change their requirements, and expediters push and pull to change their priorities daily.

The PiQ Production Management Application works on the concept of distributed information, allowing the shop floor to see customer requirements directly, in real time. Doers have all of the information they need to prioritize their own work and allocate materials as needed, and they have all of the tools they need to see how they are doing at meeting customer requirements.

PiQ makes everyone on the shop floor a Customer Service Manager. The entire team is on the same page, working toward customer requirements. It allows the team to dynamically adjust to their environment.